This was our third year in Cape San Blas. Wendy always is so helpful with getting us set up for our big family vacations. She quickly responds to everyone’s emails… which can be quite a few. We stayed on the beachfront in Tropical Breeze and Shore Thang. Everything was perfect, as usual. Next year, we will have a larger group of family with us and we have already asked Wendy, before we left, to help us book. Counting the days again until we return to paradise!

The Posey Family
July 2019


Our trip to Cape San Blas and Barrier Dunes was unbelievable!!! We had the most amazing time and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was in the mid to upper 70’s the entire time, not a cloud in the sky or a drop of rain for the duration of the stay. It was so secluded and made for the most relaxing trip we have ever taken. The rooms were AMAZING. It was very comfortable, had everything we needed and made for a nice home away from home. The family dog enjoyed his stay too and being able to take him to the beach was soooooo fun. He made many friends!  We will definitely be recommending this place to other family members and friends and will be back for sure. I hate that our trip is already over and having such a wonderful time and a nice place to stay made it very hard to come back to reality. Thank you for everything!!!!

Our trip to Cape San Blas and Barrier Dunes was unbelievable!!!

WOW! What an awesome time and a GREAT house. We had the best time and I can’t wait to get back to the Cape! Our first visit there and it won’t be our last. We had everything we needed and more there…it was a truly a relaxing vacation. I look forward to coming back and enjoying your place again.

WOW! What an awesome time and a GREAT house

What an awesome time we had!!! The children and dogs had an absolute ball! The Golden thought he had died and gone to heaven…so funny at first…watching those waves coming in and going out and having to bark at them a lot before he leapt and stayed in the water! My kids LOVED the place. They thought it was unbelievable getting to have their own room and bath. They felt like they had their own haven. We needed this trip and THIS beach. SO relaxing, so unspoiled and once again, the friendliest people I’ve ever met everywhere you go! It was a dream come true for us to get to vacation with our dogs. I don’t think there is a place more like Paradise than the Cape, especially with you and Donna tending the nests there. You really go all out to make us feel pampered and that is felt immediately. My son (who loves to cook!) couldn’t believe what a well stocked kitchen it was. And my daughter loved the décor. It was a huge hit all the way around. We plan to do this every year! Again, my hat is off to you and your attention to excellence. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

My kids LOVED the place

I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the Cape and the condo. All of us want to return! Where to begin….. The condo is extremely beautiful. I was so pleased to have our friends join us. They were so impressed by everything in the condo and the comfort. The owners need to know what an exquisitely decorated condo it is. The areas are so clearly defined, but yet open. The choices, including the paintings are divine. My husband, who never says anything about décor, commented on the beauty! The choices in fabric, counter-tops, colors and event eh comfort of the furniture is magnificent. We loved the table and mirror in the living room. The painting at the bottom of the steps was so cute. The beach is beyond belief. The wildlife (frogs, turtles, crabs, raccoons, birds, fish deer..) just so awesome. The privilege of riding a horse on the beach at sunset was a reverent experience. The fire-pits on the beach were too cool too. The tone of the beach with families and no commercialism is significant. It is becoming impossible to find such a place. We went 1 day at Destin to shop and could not wait to get back to the condo and beach. We loved the quaintness and serenity. I loved seeing the dogs running in the morning. I also loved that we got to pet them. Folks were so friendly and kind. The sea oats and sand are breathtaking. I am so taken aback by the scenery. We cooked so many wonderful meals & laughed at so many funny stories. The time was relaxing and calming to the spirit. I am so thankful for the time spent there and we will plan to return. Thank you for everything!

I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the Cape and the condo.

You weren’t kidding about the Cape—what a beautiful hidden gem!! We absolutely loved it and would love to come back! Tropical Breeze was a splurge for us, but it was worth it as we just adored being right on the water nothing like going to sleep and waking up to the sound of the surf. Tropical Breeze was beautiful and we would certainly love to stay there again! As you can see from the pictures, the four of us (with baby) had a blast!!! Thanks so much for everything!

You weren’t kidding about the Cape—What a beautiful hidden gem!!

We are back home and already missing the Cape!! It is absolutely wonderful!! Yes, Tater (our dog) remembered the beach–he got so excited when he started smelling the salt air. He had so much more energy and loved running on the beach and in the surf. I think we have made Coco (our 2nd dog) into a little beach bunny too. She really took to it. We didn’t know how she would do because she wasn’t impressed with the beach in South Caroline, but I think she just needed to go to the Cape to appreciate a beautiful Gulf Coast beach! She loved chasing the birds! Tropical Breeze (Barrier Dunes 7) was wonderful — we definitely will request this rental again. It was so great being right on the beach…sitting on the deck, relaxing and listing to the surf rolling…..just HEAVEN! The view was spectacular! Again, thanks for allowing us to enjoy Tropical Breeze! We loved it!

It is absolutely wonderful!!

There it was. Right in front of me…….. first thing in the morning.  The ocean, the beach, with my dogs right beside me.  What could be better?  A few steps and there we were in the most amazing surf and sand.  You couldn’t ask for a better picture. My time in Cape San Blas at Barrier Dunes gave me what I’ve dreamed of…a perfect beach vacation and Tropical Paradise made it even better.  The view from the unit was incredible….days first light through sunset.  I could write a book about the sunsets.  Can’t wait till next year.  One more thing, the customer service was amazing.

A perfect beach vacation and Tropical Paradise made it even better

We have recently returned from a wonderful few days at beautiful Cape San Blas. We were in Barrier Dunes 7 Tropical Breeze which was lovely and quite comfortable. It was beautifully appointed and stocked with everything you might need for a great trip from pet towels to beach chairs. Barrier Dunes is beautifully landscaped, quiet and pet stations were readily available. We enjoyed the beach and watching the breathtaking sunsets directly in front of our condo and seeing dazzling stars at night. This is definitely a redo trip! I cannot say enough good about the management. The communication with Wendy was always prompt and filled with suggestions and any information we needed. Many thanks to her! They even found a necklace my daughter had forgotten and it’s in the mail to us. Awesome! This is certainly a trip to repeat and we hope to return soon.

This is definitely a redo trip!

Thank you for a wonderful mini vacation! Loved our condo right on the beach. Beautiful sunsets, beautiful white sand and wonderful accommodations. It was so nice to be somewhere where dogs are loved. All the the shops in Apalachicola and Port St Joe were quaint and were dog friendly. I will definitely be back!

Loved our condo right on the beach.