My lifelong fantasy of having a home on the beach was fully fulfilled

My lifelong fantasy of having a home on the beach was fully (if all to briefly!) fulfilled during
our recent stay at Barrier Dunes Unit 1, Walking on Sunshine.
There is much that we enjoyed about the property, but as a city-dweller who rarely sees
stars, I especially loved sitting on the beach-facing balconies (outside the main floor and
outside the master bedroom) and looking at the night-sky while listening to the ocean.
Wendy and her on-site staff did a great job making us feel welcome.  We loved the
spacious rooms, beautiful and homey furnishings and decor, and were enthusiastic users
of the outdoor grill and fully-equipped kitchen (though we can also recommend the
barbecue at the Sand Bucket, and pizza from Coneheads, which is literally at the entrance
to Barrier Dunes).  We found Barrier Dunes to be a great home-base for exploring the
Cape, close to the St. Joseph State Park and a short drive to the many other attractions
and activities.
I highly recommend an “off-season” stay; you get a relaxed atmosphere and it is  warm
enough to spend time on the beach -I even waded into the water to get a closer look at a
small flock of grey pelicans riding the ocean waves.
The phrase “pristine beach” may be a cliché, but it truly applies to Cape San Blas and
Barrier Dunes, all the more remarkable considering all of the dog-walking, fishing and
other activity.  You get a sense that visitors and residents all appreciate the unique beauty
of the beach and are committed to its preservation.  I hope to visit again sometime soon!