We thoroughly enjoyed staying at Turtle Crawl.  It’s such a “beachy” house and very relaxing.  We actually came there to ride out Hurricane Matthew.  What a blessing to have found your lovely house.  My sister was visiting from PA and really enjoyed her stay.  We loved being able to walk to the beach.  We ate at Sunset Coastal Grille the last night we were there.  The food was good and the view spectacular.

A little bit of history:  My husband’s great uncle, Ernest Marler, was the Asst. lighthouse keeper at Cape San Blas lighthouse and died in 1938 (he was actually murdered according to historical records, but it is still unknown who did it and why).  There is a book published called “Secrets of Cape San Blas!”  It’s based on Ernest Marler but fictional.  Very interesting read.  It’s a coincidence that the code was the same as the date he died.  Also, there was a picture of the lighthouse on the wall. And the master bedroom had a plaque with “Captain’s Quarters” on it.  My husband is a Captain, his father was a Captain and his grandfather was a Captain.  All from Destin, Fl.  My husband’s name is David Ernest Marler, named after his great uncle.  You can imagine our surprise when we arrived to find all of this.  It was like it was meant to be!

We would love to come back again when were not escaping storms and can take advantage of all that you have to offer.
Thank you for the short mini vacation in your beautiful house!
Debra Marler (The “Captain’s” Wife)