We did make it home safe and sound….and sad! We’ve done numerous trips, Disney Cruise, all inclusive resorts etc., but this was the first vacation we’ve ever taken as a family where I had tears in my eyes when leaving! We literally did NOTHING! I cooked all the meals at home and spent some very valuable and hard to get family time with my 2 girls and husband.

While we were there we saw dolphins! One even swam about 5 feet way from a guy out in the water to get her baby away from him…it was so awesome. The home made us feel comfortable right way. We settled in as if we had lived there forever. We truly had a great time!

We will come back for sure. I am hoping to do a family reunion there with some of my sisters and their families. My husband travels A LOT. We don’t see much of him. On trips he is usually on the phone. Not at Cape San Blas…due to the no cell phone or limited cell phone coverage, we had him all to ourselves. It was really great for girls to have their dad’s undivided attention. Thanks again!