I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the Cape and the condo. All of us want to return! Where to begin….. The condo is extremely beautiful. I was so pleased to have our friends join us. They were so impressed by everything in the condo and the comfort. The owners need to know what an exquisitely decorated condo it is. The areas are so clearly defined, but yet open. The choices, including the paintings are divine. My husband, who never says anything about décor, commented on the beauty! The choices in fabric, counter-tops, colors and event eh comfort of the furniture is magnificent. We loved the table and mirror in the living room. The painting at the bottom of the steps was so cute. The beach is beyond belief. The wildlife (frogs, turtles, crabs, raccoons, birds, fish deer..) just so awesome. The privilege of riding a horse on the beach at sunset was a reverent experience. The fire-pits on the beach were too cool too. The tone of the beach with families and no commercialism is significant. It is becoming impossible to find such a place. We went 1 day at Destin to shop and could not wait to get back to the condo and beach. We loved the quaintness and serenity. I loved seeing the dogs running in the morning. I also loved that we got to pet them. Folks were so friendly and kind. The sea oats and sand are breathtaking. I am so taken aback by the scenery. We cooked so many wonderful meals & laughed at so many funny stories. The time was relaxing and calming to the spirit. I am so thankful for the time spent there and we will plan to return. Thank you for everything!