We had a great time on the Cape(including Koda) – it’s such a beautiful and relaxing area, and your place makes you feel right at home.  Thanks for your hospitality.  I’ll see if we can plan a bit further ahead next year, but with two sons and their significant others working relatively new jobs, plus a daughter in vet school, planning for any kind of family time is a challenge.
FYI, the only time we really needed anything (replacement light bulbs for the four that were burned out on arrival), Soni was there literally in minutes after I texted her! Also FYI, the hose will need replacement soon – I patched some holes with duct tape, but it won’t last much longer, especially as much use as it seems to get from the surrounding condos (based on the fact the area around the hose seems to always be wet and sandy).

Provision, Owl Café, Joe Mamas, Sunset Coastal, Triple Tails, and Shipwreck Raw Bar were all great food.  We never could bring ourselves to wait in the ungodly crowd for Indian Pass.