My kids LOVED the place

What an awesome time we had!!! The children and dogs had an absolute ball! The Golden
thought he had died and gone to heaven…so funny at first…watching those waves
coming in and going out and having to bark at them a lot before he leapt and stayed in the
water! My kids LOVED the place. They thought it was unbelievable getting to have their
own room and bath. They felt like they had their own haven.
We needed this trip and THIS beach. SO relaxing, so unspoiled and once again, the
friendliest people I’ve ever met everywhere you go!
It was a dream come true for us to get to vacation with our dogs. I don’t think there is a
place more like Paradise than the Cape, especially with you and Donna tending the nests
there. You really go all out to make us feel pampered and that is felt immediately. My son
(who loves to cook!) couldn’t believe what a well stocked kitchen it was. And my daughter
loved the decor. It was a huge hit all the way around. We plan to do this every year!
Again, my hat is off to you and your attention to excellence. Thanks for EVERYTHING!