About Us

Devi Donavan Leonard Cape San Blas Vacation Rentlas Barrier Dunes

The beach has always been a special place for us together. The warmth of the sun. The wildlife at play. The tranquil voice of the waves. And the beautiful sunsets with horizons that seem to go on forever. It has been an oasis from the part of our lives that was filled with back-to-work Mondays, traffic jams and over-filled schedules. It is for these reasons that we love the beach and  Cape San Blas specifically.

As property managers, our desire is for you, our guest, to relax and feel at home on Cape-time. We want you to enjoy these things and all the delights that the area has to offer. We want to provide you with service that exceeds your expectations. We invite you to join us for your Cape Escape.

Devi & Donavan Leonard